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Schedule and Start Dates

When Can I Start?

We will be accepting new students this fall please check back then. - we are conveniently located midway between Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY. New modules begin on the first Tuesday of each month.  We have 7 consecutive classes a month on Tuesdays and Thursdays equaling 25 hours a month of instruction.

Call Today to reserve your seat!

(585) 797-7329

Module 1 Fall of 2024 Structural Comp.

Heading 1

Module 2 Interior

Heading 1

Module 3 Heating and Cooling

Heading 1

Module 4 Law and Business

Class Details

Each module (25 credit hours) will be taught in a one month block including seven (7) classes running Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00-10:00 PM.


Each new module will begin on the first Tuesday of each month and the final exam will take place on the seventh class day of that month which will be a Thursday. Each 4 hour class will begin a new lesson and will include the lesson content found in the module textbook written to the exact specifications of the provided state curriculum. The text will be distributed on the first class day of the month to each student upon payment and admission.


Each lesson will be taught consecutively in order. Upon completion of the 4 month course, the student will have completed all 4 modules as well as module 5 which is woven into the class curriculum on Saturdays.

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